Which side of the camera are you on?

Nerissa Alford selfies around the world

For someone who says they live on the viewfinder side of the camera, I sure have a ton of selfies. I occasionally cull through the photos on my phone (36,797 and counting). This has taught me a few things:

  1. Make sure you're taking time for yourself. Do something just for you that fills your heart. Mine is exploring. When I really took a look at these photos, I couldn't help but recognize how many different places I've visited all around the world.
  2. Get photos of yourself. Whether you travel solo or are the family photographer, take a selfie, ask a fellow traveler to snap a quick shot with your phone, switch off with your partner. As an introvert, I take a ton of solo day trips. How many trips have you gone on to realize you have no photos with yourself in them?
  3. Find adventure in the every day. See that bottom left photo with the Cora sign? I took a selfie at the French grocery store chain. Since I can't travel to France right now due to COVID, it brings back memories of new foods I brought home & the 5 frozen blocks of french butter currently in my freezer. I am also Magellan, so for me, part of my adventure is just getting there.

Germany began a lockdown mid-December of 2020 since I first drafted this post. I have continued to explore safely by hiking & photographing the outdoors close to home. I hope where ever you are, you are finding some socially distanced way to fill your bucket & take photos.

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